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Night Fox Entertainment, L.P. (“Night Fox”) is an independent entertainment company focused on the financing, production, development and acquisition of live-action motion pictures for distribution and licensing in all formats in all entertainment media worldwide, and the production and licensing of television programming worldwide. Night Fox was created to finance, produce and own a portion of a portfolio of live-action motion pictures.

Night Fox Management Group, LLC (the “Company”) is a management company that provides management services to Night Fox. At the core of the Company’s culture is a strong emphasis on personal service, a high level of investor communication, thorough due diligence, and an emphasis on industry proven strategies. The Company and Night Fox adhere to the common principles of liquidity, transparency, and robust risk management. Night Fox’s goal is to deliver consistent and superior returns.

“Wall Street, real estate, the art market - all of those other supposedly stable investment areas - are now such a mess that Hollywood is one of the safer places you can park money. Although the movie business has been hurt along with nearly every other industry, it is proving far more resilient to recession than most.”

Movies Suddenly Seem a Conservative Investment
International Herald Tribune

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